Theme: Chloride Reduction / Salt Smart
Timeline: November – March (or between first and last snowfall)

The salt we use to keep our roads, parking lots and sidewalks free of ice during the winter finds its way into our rivers where it is toxic to fish and harms local water quality. Salt is corrosive to our infrastructure and can kill the vegetation on our landscape. Learn more at

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Safe Winter Driving Graphic

More Isn’t Always Better – Salt Use PSA

Salt Smart, Save More Webinar

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Anti-Icing: The Stripes That Keep You Safe

How Does Ice Melt Snow and Ice?

Where Do Fish Go in the Winter?

Past Winter Materials


Blog posts

Newsletters (summarized version of blog post)

Infographic: “Why Be Salt Smart?”

Bookmark for Residents

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Snow & Ice Removal FAQ

Online page at


Word document: customize with information specific to your community, such as ordinances

Social Media Posts

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Salt Smart Tips for Staying Safe on the Road this Winter

What to Expect During a Storm

Winter Clean-Up Tips

Winter Seasonal Campaign Checklist

Use this checklist to track your use of outreach materials to meet MS4 Public Education and Outreach requirements.


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