Theme: Detention basins, stormwater, pet waste, creating health ecosystems
Timeline: June – August

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Pet Waste

This May, join our Pet Waste Campaign! We’re posting social media posts encouraging residents to pick up after their pups every time, everywhere.

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You may link to the blogs on this website or download the text and picture in a Word Document. The Word file also contains a summarized version of the blog post (100-250 words).

Stormwater Runoff Handout

The “From Sky to Stream” handout covers the basics of water pollution from stormwater runoff.

Social Media Posts

Lawn Fertilizer: Maintain Your Lawn to Protect Rivers and Streams


Healthy Rivers and Streams Have More Than Just Clean Water

How Do Dams Affect Fish and Water Quality?

Stormwater Detention Basins

Stormwater ponds can be beautiful amenities in the communities they serve, however; they need to be maintained so they continue to function properly as part of our stormwater management infrastructure. Some Homeowners Associations are not aware of their stormwater pond maintenance responsibilities.

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Stormwater Detention Basin Basics

Benefits of Native Buffers for Detention Basins

Ways Homeowners Impact Detention Basins

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For communications staff: Summer Seasonal Campaign Checklist

Use this checklist as a reminder to utilize our outreach materials and to facilitate reporting of MS4 Public Education and Outreach requirements.

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