Collect Rainwater at Home – Garden Refresh

Meet the newest addition to our Garden Refresh project at the McDonald Farm: a rain barrel!   For those of you who are just joining our journey, we’re giving our disheveled native garden beds a makeover. Early this year, we planned and designed the garden, giving careful thought to which native plants would thrive in the conditions around our building.  Then, after waiting through the long, cold winter, we were able to get our hands in the dirt! We expanded the beds, prepped the soil…

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Planning a Day on the Water? Be River Responsible!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it seems like the perfect opportunity to get off land and into the water. You pack up your boat, a few snacks, and drive out to a nearby river. But wait! Before you get into your boat, there are a few things to keep in mind. Keep our rivers safe and enjoyable for everyone by following these tips! Float In, Float Out Whatever you take with you in your canoe, kayak…

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Healthy Rivers and Streams Have More Than Just Clean Water

How healthy is your local stream, lake or pond? Finding the answer requires looking at the three major components of water quality: chemical, physical and biological. Chemical is the one that most people think of when you talk about water quality – how much of a particular pollutant is in the water? But the biology, the critters that live there like fish, insects and mussels, and the physical habitat, like riffles and pools in streams or differing depths in a…

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