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RiverWatch is a statewide partnership of organizations and individuals working to protect Illinois streams and waterways.  Established in 1995 as a sub-program of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Eco Watch Network, certified volunteers called “citizen scientists” examine indicators like stream habitats and diversity of macroinvertebrate species to provide reliable water quality data that can be used by scientists to determine how the conditions of streams are changing over time.

Today RiverWatch is a program of the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center, a partnership among Lewis and Clark Community College, the University of Illinois and the Illinois Natural History Survey.  The Conservation Foundation supports and encourages the RiverWatch Citizen Scientist program to help connect citizens with local ecology and opportunities for stewardship.  The Conservation Foundation serves as a local partner by maintaining and lending river monitoring kits and the use of microscopes to Citizen Scientists.  To learn more about the program, please visit NGRREC.org or contact Tara Neff. 

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