Enhancing Water Quality

The Lower DuPage River Watershed Coalition is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. We provide local coordination to address water resource concerns based on science.  Our analyses of habitat, biological and chemical data identifies stressors to aquatic life, and guides the Coalition’s ecologically and economically sound approach to restore stream health.

Our mission is to bring together a diverse coalition of stakeholders to work together to preserve and enhance water quality in the Lower DuPage River and its tributaries.

The Coalition completed a watershed based plan for the Lower DuPage River Watershed in May of 2011.  We adopted bylaws, elected officers and formally incorporated in February of 2012.  Membership dues and assessments fund our comprehensive bioassessment monitoring program and staff to coordinate data collection and analysis, project identification and implementation, communication and collaboration throughout the watershed.


Watershed Plan

The Lower DuPage River Watershed Coalition was formed as a result of a two year watershed planning project that was coordinated by The Conservation Foundation.


Bioassessment Monitoring

Our data, along with data from historical monitoring sites, wastewater treatment plants and dissolved oxygen probes, undergo stringent analyses to provide an overall assessment of the watershed and to help identify stressors to biological health.


Tools & Outreach

Experience nature up close, explore it as a family, learn about the latest conservation practices and environmental education curriculum or advance yourself professionally.